Web text editor compatible with several browsers


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FCKeditor is a complete text editor which you can insert into your website and that is completely up to par with Microsoft Office or Open Office.

It is not an application that can be run on your computer, but rather a web interface which you can integrate onto your website. You can even modify the source code! If you dare, of course.

It comes with the same features found on any word processor and lets you do just about all the same things: from text and paragraph formatting, to adding images, links or tables.

It supports just about all internet browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla and Netscape), so you don’t have to worry about the 'viewability' of your website.

It also lets you use CSS and skins, so you can soften the text editor’s impact on your website.

It's easy to import things from Word, it autocorrects spelling; cuts, copies and pastes... all of this and much more can be done using FCKeditor.

The text output format is XHTML.

Compatible with all the new versions of the most popular internet browsers; new style management system and interface improvements.

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